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Playing the guitar is among the enjoyable ways to relax and pass time. It enhances your creativity in addition to strengthening your mind. The guitar is very vital and is key to many songs. With the discovery of the internet, it is possible to find any musical instrument online and there are also quite a number of sites for learning music.

This site makes hacks from the early ages and it gives the learner immediate access to more than 20,000 tabs. The top page shows top songs in order of popularity. The tab page of this tab is similar to that of Ultimate Guitar in that they both have a section on the left that persuades you to buy tabs of Ultimate Guitar’s software.

Ultimate Guitar

This tab incorporates lessons, news, reviews and also gives support to a vivacious community across on their medium. The number of users for this tab are over 10 million submitting over 1.1 million bass and guitar tabs so far. This site however is a little out o date although it is still operational.

911 Tabs
This Tab became operational in 2004 and it has since served as a centre for guitarists and bassists worldwide. This tab is not host to any of its own tabs which makes it questionable as a tab website. 911 Tabs is seen as a form of “Google” but a smaller and a more accurate version. This tab has a record of over 4 million and you are definitely guaranteed to get what you are looking for here.

This tab website is very modern and it allows you to pay attention to the tab without getting distracted by cluster and ads. This tab provides a tab for each song rather than having a database of many versions of one song.

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